A variety of articles in Chinese:

Lasting Legacy: A booklet to help you pray through the Lord’s prayer in light of the Covid-19 pandemic:

The Truth About Singleness: a two-part seminar for women

Commonly Asked Questions:

On My Way To Heaven: the Chinese translation of an excellent article by Mark Ashton on his experiences of facing death as a Christian.

Reading the Bible for yourself 如何自己读圣经

Listen UpA booklet on how to listen to sermons, by Christopher Ash

The Church in China: a brief introduction to the church in China for Chinese who have become Christians while overseas and want to understand something about the church in China before returning there. From Thriving Turtles, an excellent website which seeks to serve returnees from Australia.

The following website includes some excellent articles translated into Chinese.

There are also some great translations on the Gospel Coalition and 9Marks website.