Links to other resources in Chinese:

This Resource List (3032 downloads)  introduces many good Christian resources in Chinese

Chinese Bibles: An article from an Australian returnees’ website with helpful advice on choosing a Bible translation

Mimai: Chinese books, Bible studies, Bible reading plans and Theological study

What is the Gospel? This site gives a basic outline of the good news of Jesus Christ

The Hope. This 80 minute video is an excellent Bible Overview designed to help non Christians understand why the gospel is such good news for all people

ChurchChina:The online version of a magazine published by churches in China, with interesting articles on a variety of topics

The Word 1-2-1: A resource for evangelistic one-to-one Bible study in John’s Gospel (scroll to the bottom of the webpage for Chinese translation)

Do you have a Question? This site gives simple answers to some of the most common questions about Christianity

Sermons in Mandarin

Two sermons on 1 Peter which focus on standing firm after returning home:

Studying Theology – this site will help you do some in-depth theological study

Songs and hymns in Mandarin (not to be downloaded outside China)

Books in Mandarin within China – Baojiayin deliver within China and overseas (as does a bookshop in Hangzhou)

Books in Mandarin outside China (bookshop in the US, bookshop in the UK)

For some of the best books published in Chinese, click here