Bible Studies

Study Guides:

The following Bible study material has been designed for use in small groups or one-to-one studies; at the end of each study there is a focus on a particular issue facing returnees living back in China.

Waiting for Answers – 5 Bible Studies on Habakkuk

One Last Evening – 8 Bible Studies on John 13-17

Mark’s Gospel – Notes for Bible Study Leaders

Mark's Gospel: Chapters 1-4

马可福音 1-4章

Mark's Gospel: Chapters 4-8

Mark's Gospel: Chapters 8-10


Mark's Gospel: Chapters 11-13

Mark's Gospel: Chapters 14-16

Mark’s Gospel – 10 one-to-one Bible studies for seekers

Firm Foundations – 4 Bible Studies on Romans 8

Return to Me – 7 Bible Studies on Malachi

Quiet Time Notes :

以弗所书 (Chinese)

Ephesians (English)

Philippians 腓立比书 (Chinese)

Revelation 启示录 (Chinese): Some questions to guide personal study of Revelation